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Privacy Police

Privacy Policy takes very seriously the protection of your personal data. This is a hugely important issue for us, so maximum rigor meets the provisions of the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data. 

Use of data 

The personal data shall be used exclusively for online ordering. The subsequent use of such data for marketing purposes without your express permission is strictly prohibited. 

Using their data at the user's account and accumulate points 

For security reasons and in order to provide our services, we need to provide more data for your user account. In addition, we ensure that your data will be used exclusively to carry out the services you request. When you register and each time you order a minimum of 210 euros, you accumulate points that will be deducted on your next bill if you want, while the promotion is available. 

Data Protection Principles 

Customer authorizes, to use your data for the business relationship as a prerequisite for hiring certain services, without prejudice to the right of access, rectification or cancellation may exercise the customer at any time, to the e-mail mail. 

SSL Encryption - Security for Internet purchases 

To protect our customers while shopping online, use only approved encryption technologies. When using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) personal data is encrypted and transferred over the Internet (with restricted access to third parties). So you can be sure that your personal data such as your name or address, is transferred to our servers only. 

What is SSL encryption? 

At the time you access our SSL protected page, your browser checks the server certificate in the certification center "VeriSign". Using data transferred, the browser can recognize if you are connected to the server you selected. If the check is approved, your personal data is transferred via a secure 256-bit encryption. 

How I can recognize the SSL encryption? 

During the introduction of important data, for example, at the time of placing orders, we trust SSL encryption. You will see a padlock in your browser bar when using such connections. In addition, the Internet address changes from "http" to "https". With these guidelines, you can proceed with confidence that your personal details are not visible to others. 

Secure Online Purchase 

Do not run any risk when paying online orders. send your name, contact information and all information about the items in your order to the bank concerned as PayPal and encoded by separate forms. Then you will be taken directly to the firewall of the bank or PayPal where you can enter data for the mode of payment.


PayPal, the trusted leader in online payments, enables buyers and businesses to send and receive money online. PayPal has over 100 million accounts in 190 countries and regions and is accepted by merchants everywhere. 

Helps protect the information of credit cards with the best security systems and fraud prevention sector. When you use PayPal, your financial information is never shared with the merchant.


Bank transfer 

Monter S.L Aceites Acanto

C/. Ollerias 20, Apartado de correos 144, Andújar, Jaén. España

Caixa Bank 2100 2477 79 0210093370 CAIXESBBXXX ES55 2100 2477 790210093370

When making a bank transfer, for better and faster processing of your order, once we get your confirmation email with attachment of the bank receipt and once we record the amount in our account, the order will leave our facility immediately the address you provided at the time of ordering. If the shipment is in Spain, you will receive at least 72 hours through courier MRW, Post. IMPORTANT: In the comment field of the transfer stating your name.


Any questions you have send an email to:


Note: Please note that bank transfer takes 2-3 days to complete, delaying the delivery of the package.