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About Us

Rafael Santiago Lorente, founder Monter Acanto SL oils, has over 50 years of professional experience surrounded by olive trees. Every journey has given her extensive knowledge of oleic sector, which wanted to make embodied in the production and marketing of a new product: Oils Acanto.

It was in 2010 when, with the support of his family, has decided to internationalize its brand and publicize their product in foreign markets. Our Juice Pure 100% Extra Virgin Olive is exclusive Gourmet centers in Spain, Dubai, Argentina. The marketing network is focused only outlets Gourmet. One of the biggest brands is our customer distribution. This network of prestigious establishments has given the trust that offers its customers and to be number one in sales in Spain. 

In 2012 we decided to take our oil directly to the consumer via the eShop, we present many unique gourmet centers around the world. 

Oils Acanto highlights and unlike other oils by the intensity of its aroma, color and flavor. These positive qualities are due to the love and care of both the fruit and the production process leading to an oil stick, quirky and unique because it is not subjected to a final filtration. Less than 30% of the producers of olive oil in Spain picual marketed this product. 


The farm from which the olives are located in Villa del Rio is a small village located on the border between Córdoba and Jaén. The farm has over 18,000 olive trees, helped by the fantastic weather conditions in this area of Andalusia, produce optimal quality olives. From these trees gives a small but very neat production, which then passes through the hands of experts millers. These people have spent many years working with us and are the most knowledgeable about the result we want.